Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here hangs a man discarded

Here Hangs a Man Discarded

Here hangs a man discarded,
a scarecrow hoisted high,
a nonsense pointing nowhere
to all who hurry by.

Can such a clown of sorrows
still bring a useful word
where faith and love seem phantoms
and every hope absurd?

Yet here is help and comfort
to lives by comfort bound
where drums of dazzling progress
give strangely hollow sound:

Life emptied of all meaning,
drained out in bleak distress,
can share in broken silence
our deepest emptiness;

And love that freely entered
the pit of life's despair
can name our hidden darkness
and suffer with us there.

Lord, if you now are risen,
help all who long for light
to hold the hand of promise
till faith receives its sight.

---Brian wren, 1973

Copyright (c) 2012, Israel Galindo

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